We have the newest state of the art computer and diagnostic systems available. Something as simple as an O2 sensor can decrease performance and mileage. That’s money out of YOUR pocket!

Because programming affects how the semi-truck is run, engineers have designed software that allows our technicians to help you understand the possible damage your truck may have.

Safety and functionality are critical for semi-trucks.You must make sure proper and complete computer diagnostics are being run in order to maintain reliable transportation from point A to point B.

Our team of technicians are able to quickly and efficiently diagnose and reprogram the computer control modules and other sensitive electronics for all makes and models of semi-trucks.

Using state of the art computer technologies, we provide a thorough analysis to get all of the information on all connections and locations in the vehicle so we can detect any errors the vehicle may have.

Our technology and software are updated often. You can rest assured that your diagnostics will be run accurately.

Our technicians will ensure system data is up to par and clearing errors after the failure has been corrected. Compression testing, operational checking, and so many other tests can be run through the computer diagnostics.

Come in for a diagnostic test today.

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