Engine Oil Drop & Fill – $199 + Tax

  • Up to 40 quarts of Shell Rotella 15w40. Does not include filter.
  • 45% discount on all Baldwin Filters sold through the shop.

Semi Truck Oil Change Roanoke, Virginia

Are you actively taking care of your semi truck? It is best practice to change your oil every 3,000 miles and this helps ensure that the quality of your oil is up to par and that it keeps your engine running smooth and allows for overall optimum performance for your semi truck. There are instances where you believe you can take care of your semi truck especially with an oil change, but you should allow professionals and qualified mechanics to perform the service so that there are no issues and Advantage Fleet offers a top quality service for all of our clients.

Common Mishaps With Missing Oil Changes

If you miss an oil change you can have a lot of complications including accumulation of metal fragments, dust, and oil slug in your engine. This can cause your engine to perform poorly, and eventually if not taken care of, can cause your engine to completely shut down. One of the immediately negative effects of ignoring oil changes would be lower gas mileage, and this can be a burden on your pockets especially if you are an independent driver.

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