Truck owners want quality service for one of the most critical components; steering. Steering is critical to every movement a truck makes. Steering pumps, steering gear boxes, kingpins, drag links, tie rod ends and more are a part of the steering system. Steering pumps push fluid to the gear box which is what assists the turning of wheels for the vehicle. The steering gear boxes correlates with the steering wheel. There are so many parts that can fail.

Steering issues can be noticed by having to increased your effort for the steering, jerkiness or no longer having a fluid motion. Cracks in the gearbox, the linkage of the steering wheel might feel loose or have extra ‘play.’ A fluid leak from the shaft seals can also cause steering issues.

Issues with the tie rod ends will affect alignment which may cause a decrease in the performance of steering wheels and tires. After servicing the tie rods your wheels may need alignment.

Sensing a wheel steering issue while driving may mean it is time to have your truck inspected.

If you are experiencing any of the issues mentioned, we are able to assist you.

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