From turning, terrain, weight, acceleration and braking, suspension plays a critical role in stabilizing a truck. Pivots and joints,axles,spacers, bellows, hock absorbers, ball joints, the pitman, tie rod ends, height control valves, frame brackets, eye bolts, anchor plates, hangers, saddles, bolts, torque rods, equalizers, control arm bushing and idler arms are all of the parts of the suspension system.

Having a loose suspension can affect the operational safety of your semi truck. It can become worn over time from the wear and tear and the pounding the truck takes on a daily basis due to driving conditions of the roads.

Whether it is a piece of metal on the street, a big dip in the road or a speed bump, the impact endured is absorbed by the suspension of your semi-truck which allows your ride to feel smooth and gives you a greater control of the rig.

A few ways to notice suspension issues include play in the steering wheel and tire wear that is unusual or uneven.

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