Roanoke, Virginia Semi Truck Brake Services

  • Steer Axle Outboard Drums Replacement – $165.00 (Labor Only)
  • Steer Axle Inboard Drums Replacement – $225.00 (Labor Only)
  • Drive Axle Outboard Drums Replacement – 309.99 (Includes Labor, Shoes & Springs)
  • Drive Axle Inboard Drums Replacement – $365.00 (Includes Labor, Shoes & Springs – Does not include cost of seals)

Do you need new brakes?

Most semi trucks and trailers are consistently operating with heavy loads and severe driving conditions. Your brakes need to be checked at minimum quarterly or you could face a potential accident and damage to your semi truck by failing to do so. Advantage Fleet’s qualified technicians are trained to do a thorough inspection so that you can keep your brake lining replacements to a minimum.

Our Brake Inspection Advantage

  • Verifying the proper operation and inspecting the condition of the slack adjusters
  • Inspecting brake chambers for excessive damage or wear and tear
  • Making sure drum wheels are in good condition with no apparent heat damage
  • Brake adjustments for equalized operation of both axles
  • And many more inspection and installations to ensure that your brakes are in great shape

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