Your trailer and truck body are major investments. These repairs can be anything from a complete new paint job, a simple dent or scratch, or even an entire body replacement.

This could have been a result from running into the side of a post, having another car collide with the truck, or as major as an accident or flip over. Because body repairs vary so drastically, we provide a variety of solutions.

Damage from extreme weather conditions like hail can also severely damage a truck body or trailer with dents.

If another truck collides with the trailer or if a car scrapes the side panel, the truck may have severe damage that can affect its functionality and operational safety.

Many major companies will require body damage be repaired regardless of whether or not it affects the driving capabilities.

The company itself is normally marketed on the side of semi-trucks. It is important for the driver to make sure that their rig is visually appealing.

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