Metal structures on semi-trucks sometimes need to be rebuilt and installed after damage.

Welding and fabrication is one of the services we provide. We are completely hands-on through bending, shaping and the metal, fabrication process. This ensures a very accurate fit of a new part.

We can fabricate the part you need, with the proper material for the job.

Whether it’s aluminum, steel or cast iron we can bend, sheer, punch, grind, customize, cut and drill for all of your fabrication needs. Cutting includes manual and powered chiseling, a laser, saw and sheering processes. Through a hammer or press brakes, bending will allow correct positional aspects for the new parts. Using a blast furnace, we can heat and mold metals into whatever part or piece that is needed.

Finally, the assembly process is done to join the pieces in the proper area.

Mobile Welding: For your convenience, we have delivery trucks that allow our services to come to you. Our range of welding and fabrication will cover majority of needs.

Let us know what your welding and fabrication needs are. No matter how large or even very intricate the repair might be, we are able to create the new parts for your semi truck.


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